کابل کواکسیال RG59 + 18AWG / 2C CaxV 95٪ CCA

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محل منبع: چين
نام تجاری: Zion communication OR OEM
گواهی: ISO, UL, CE, RoHS
شماره مدل: کابل کواکسیال RG59 CCTV
مقدار حداقل تعداد سفارش: 30 کیلومتر
جزئیات بسته بندی: 500FT ، 1000FT ، قرقره پلاستیکی / چوبی ، کارتن
زمان تحویل: به طور معمول 15 روز
شرایط پرداخت: T/T، اعتبارات اسنادی
قابلیت ارائه: 50 * 20'GP / ماه
اطلاعات تکمیلی
: عایق: Foamed PE
سپر: : پی وی سی
رنگ: سیاه و سفید، سفید بسته بندی:

کابل کواکسیال hd


کابل کواکسیال 75 اهم

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RG59 + 18AWG / 2C CCTV Coaxial Cable 95% CCA Braid Siamese Cable CMR Standard


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Quick Detail:


  • RG59 CCTV Coaxial Cable
  • 7×0.0145" / 0.37mm CCA Power
  • 20 AWG BC Conductor
  • 95% CCA Braiding
  • 18AWG / 2C CCA Power
  • Foamed PE Insulation
  • 75 Ohms CCTV Cable
  • PVC- UL Listed,CMR Rated
  • RoHS Compliant
  • 500FT 1000FT Spool or Pull Box
  • MOQ: 30 KM





KT0716 RG59 CCTV Coaxial Cable 95% CCA Braiding + 18AWG / 2C Siamese Cable

RG59/U is a specific type of CCTV coaxial cable , RG59/U (Produced by Zion communication) is perfect 

for any type of surveillance camera installation. RG59/U has a characteristic impedance of 75 ohms.

Zion communication using best raw material and best worker to produce RG59/U to meet high performance in 

practical application. RG59/U is packed in 500FT/1000FT plastic/wooden spool, and will be layed on 

pallet to protect the spool and easier carry.Because of good managing methods,

Zion communication’S price of RG59/U is not high although our quality is really high.





Suitable for signal transmission


■ Local Area Network

■ Digital video

■ Monitor/VDT display

■ Security Camera






KT0716 RG59/U CCTV Coaxial Cable 95% CCA Braiding + 18AWG / 2C Siamese Cable
Construction Parameters:
  Inner Conductor 0.032"/0.81mm/20AWG Bare Copper
  Dielectric 0.144"/3.66±0.05mm       Foamed Polyethylene
  First Shield Nom. 0.161"/4.10mm       Braiding
  Strands 0.005"/0.12mm Copper Clad Aluminum
  % Coverage 95 nom  
  Jacket 0.236"/6.00±0.1mm                   PVC (NEC RISER)
  Power Wire Conductor 2 - 18 AWG 7×0.0145"/7×0.37mm Copper Clad Aluminum
  Power wire Diameter of insulation 0.075"/1.90mm PVC (NEC RISER)
  Power Wire Color Code Red,Black  
  Jacket 0.199"/5.05±0.1mm  PVC (NEC RISER)
  * 1 Pair of wire twisted     
  Application For Use in Intermediate CCTV Run Lengths
  Limited Length Typical run length up to 750 feet
Electrical Characteristics:
  Capacitance 52±1 pF/m 17±0.3 pF/ft
  Impedance 75±3 Ω  
  Resistance 35.73 Ohms/KM 11.72 Ohms/KM
  Return loss between 5 and 1000MHz > 22dB
  Velocity of Propagation  0.85  
  Shielding Effectiveness(>dB) 70  
  Max Operating Voltage(KVMS) 3  
  Operating Temp Range  (PVC) -20 ℃ to 75℃  
  RoHS YES  
Max Attenuation 
Max Attenuation 
1 0.45  1.48 
10 0.90  2.95 
50 1.90  6.23 
100 3.20  10.49 
200 4.00  13.11 
400 4.90  16.07 
700 8.60  28.20 
900 9.80  32.13 
1000 10.70  35.08 
Order Informations:
  Marking Zion communication KT0716 RG59/U 95% CCA+2C18AWG CCA CLASS 2 ETL XX 
RoHS CMR CL2 75C XXXFT CAMERA/ZONE A B C D E F 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 
  Inner Package 500FT/PULL BOX, 1000FT/Wooden Spool,Pallet
  Delivery time Normally 20-25 days after received the deposit.
  More informations  please contact with us.
Online Service:
  Skype Zion communication3  
  ICQ 246632889  




Competitive Advantage:


1,  From raw materials to final products, we perform intense quality checks to maintain our product quality:

     A, Incoming material inspected by QC.

     B, Manufacturing Process Control

     C: Workers trained daily/weekly/monthly

     D: Work instructions manual at each work station

     E: 5S system implemented

     F: Machine maintenance procedure

     G: Quality Control and Final Inspection 

         The QC staff will check the material, process product

         and final product according to the specification or test procedure.


2, Our R&D efforts center on reinforcing and developing element technologies

    needed to support the future growth and success for customers and Zion communication.


3, We know customers have urgent needs.

    We are skilled at effective communication to interact with customers.

    In order to provide prompt service, we can answer for you 7*24 hours.


4, We can Quickly and professionally answer for the inquire


5, More than 1000 kinds of cable, connectors and assembles can be produce and organized from us


6, Intime delivery


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